Dreamscape Design Group’s highest priority is fusing our customer’s element request with a functioning design that maximizes the use of space in an innovative manner. The design phase of our projects is the single most important part of the project equation. DDG utilizes state of the art practices to insure that the design not only meets but far exceeds our customer’s needs. 

The design process starts with a client consultation. The consultation is a very important step that develops the project scope of work along with discussing factors such as budget, use of space, existing condition limitations, city or county limitations, project durations and individual family member requirements. Based on the consultation, DDG will outline a very detailed proposal that qualifies the design scope of work provided along with a cost breakdown. Once a proposal is accepted, a formal agreement will be drafted for execution by both parties. Contained in the agreement will be a payment schedule for both parties to follow. 

The next phase of the design process is a site survey and aerial photos of the existing property. The site survey records all existing structures, property fencing or walls, terrain and all other fixed property items that need to be accounted for. After the site survey is completed and aerial photos are taken, we can now input that information into CAD based software.

This is where Dreamscape Design Group truly separates itself from other landscape design firms. DDG utilizes a CAD based software that renders into a 3D interactive model. Once the design is rendered into 3D we have the ability to walk through, swim through and or fly through the entire project. Why is this important? The simple answer is our client will see exactly how their investment is going to look prior to breaking ground completely scaled to 1/10th of an inch. To see a project in 3D is the single greatest tool we offer our clients. We can change materials such as stone, tile, pavers, concrete, pool finishes, etc. on the fly to help our customers visualize different options. We also have the ability to incorporate a very extensive library of site furnishings such as outdoor furniture, pottery, water features, sport related games, landscape lighting, cooking appliances, fire features and all other landscape related accessories. 

One of the most useful options the 3D rendering allows is true shade. Based on the orientation of the property, we can show exactly how sun and shade will affect each area. This can be done based on any time of the day along with any time of the year. This enhances the use of space and how the sun and shade works with the design. This really comes into play when selecting pool locations, plant material, outdoor living room locations and any other shade structure. Maximizing the sun and shade to your benefit is very important to the overall success of a our design. Incorporated into our client design submittal is a day and night rendering video. The rendering videos consist of a 2-4 minute video that explores every detail of the project. These videos can be shared via a YouTube link provided by Dreamscape Design Group. To enhance the 3D rendering video experience, DDG takes it one step further. We transfer the 3D rendering video into a high end editing software called Final Cut. Final Cut allows us to perform an even more detailed edit with music, color grading and cinematic like transitions. We believe this extra step is necessary to create the ultimate project experience for our clients. 

The last step of the design process is developing construction plans. The construction plans can be utilized for contractor bidding, permits, engineering and constructing the project. The construction plans are scaled and have all pertinent information required for the construction of the project. 

Once the design is finalized, a design presentation is executed. Dreamscape Design Group will develope a daytime 3D video along with a nighttime 3D video that captures every aspect of the project.